UltraVision™ - 4K Dual Lens Outdoor Camera

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Experience Advanced Surveillance with UltraVision™

Introducing the UltraVision™ - 4K Dual Lens Outdoor Camera, engineered to provide comprehensive surveillance with its dual lens and dual screen setup. This innovative camera supports fixed-point monitoring, PTZ monitoring, and dual-lens monitoring, ensuring you capture every detail of the scene with clarity. Whether for home security or monitoring outdoor spaces.

Automatic Tracking and Customizable Alerts

Experience advanced security features with the UltraVision™ camera's automatic tracking and sound and light alarm system. Equipped with professional humanoid detection and motion detection, it accurately identifies human figures while minimizing false alarms from objects like cars or trees. Customize the detection area and sensitivity through intuitive controls.


Remote Access and Two-Way Communication

Enjoy seamless remote access and real-time communication with the UltraVision™ camera's two-way audio function. Unlike traditional CCTV systems, this security network camera transmits audio and video via WiFi, eliminating the need for costly cables and complex installations. Stay connected and monitor your property from anywhere using the dedicated app.


Design for All-Weather Reliability

The UltraVision™ camera features IP66-rated waterproof and dustproof housing. Whether rain or shine, its robust design ensures reliable performance in harsh weather conditions, providing peace of mind year-round. With smart night vision capabilities including built-in white LED and infrared LED options, the camera delivers clear footage in low-light conditions. Automatically switch between color night vision and infrared black and white modes based on ambient light.


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